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Seminar Fee

The seminar fee covers the book of abstracts, final seminar proceedings, sessions attendance, refreshments and reception.

Participants 200 €
Students, retired 60 €
Accompanying persons 80 €

Conference Organizer

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Brno University of Technology
Technická 2896/2
616 69 Brno
Czech Republic

Czech seminar participants payment - only in CZK

ČSOB, a.s. 111043724 / 0300
IBAN: CZ66 0300 0000 0001 1104 3724
variable symbol: 13870040XX

Foreign seminar participants payment - only in EUR

KB, a.s. 27-7494090297 / 0100
IBAN: CZ66 0100 0000 2774 9409 0297
variable symbol: 13870040XX

The two last digits of the variable symbol are your paper's submission ID. This is the number you have received from the paper registration system. Each author attending the seminar should make a payment with the appropriate variable symbol.

A single payment for multiple paper co-authors is possible. In that case don't forget to multiply the seminar fee by the number of attending authors.

To receive a correct invoice or in case of VAT refunds please refer the correct name of your organization and the correct VAT number. You will receive the invoice by mail or at the seminar registration desk.