Aircraft testing laboratory

Contact person

doc. Ing. Ivo Jebáček, Ph.D.
+420 541 142 457
Office No.: C3a/3.04
Technická 2896/2, 616 69 Brno, The Czech Republic

The aircraft testing laboratory is involved in the following activities:

  • Conclusive verification tests of aircraft designs – the laboratory is authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority No. L-3-040/9 to carry out conclusive verification tests of the airframe designs according to CS and FAR.
  • Fatigue testing – proposing and carrying out fatigue testing of samples and sub assemblies (wing, airframe etc.).
  • Material testing – material testing of samples, testing of composite materials with environmental influence (heat, humidity).
  • Measuring mechanical quantities – measuring mechanical quantities using electricity for up to 172 channels and a sample frequency of up 250.000 samples per second with the possibility of synchronous recording with a high speed video camera.
  • Strain and stress analysis – strain or stress analysis of mechanical units or samples using the Pontos and Aramis contactless optical systems.
  • Test flights – test flights of aircraft using a system for wireless data transfer, crash tests; basic frequency analysis.

The Aircraft Testing group has taken part in certification of aircraft manufactured in the Czech Republic as well as abroad and they have a lot of experience with preparing the most complex experiments.