Industry cooperation

The Institute of Aerospace Engineering has a long-time tradition of cooperation with many industrial partners in aerospace development as well as other fields. The institute has cooperated with a lot of partners from both the Czech Republic and foreign countries ranging from multinational enterprises to small private businesses. The main aim is to meet the client’s requirements efficiently in terms of time and costs keeping the highest possible quality. Great emphasis is placed on flexibility in modifying the requirements based on the progress to be able to meet the client’s specific requirements as closely as possible.

One of the main virtues characterizing the Institute of Aerospace Engineering is being able to deal with complex problems and especially the willingness and ability to deal with unique problems which are unprofitable for industrial institutions or beyond the capacity of the development team.

Cooperation is possible in all the areas of competence of the Institute – Aerodynamics and aerospace technologies, Structures and Strength, Aircraft Systems and Reliability, Testing and Air Traffic. With a specific demand please contact the institute director or heads of departments.