Air traffic and FTO

Contact person

Ing. Miroslav Šplíchal, Ph.D.
+420 541 142 215
Office: A1/0427
Technická 2896/2, 616 69 Brno, The Czech Republic

The Air traffic section is part of the Institute of Aerospace Engineering. It focuses on:

  • Air traffic safety analyses – the section focuses on civil and general aviation. We statistically evaluate the frequency of aviation accidents and incidents in The Czech Republic. Our section is currently cooperating with The Air Accidents Investigation Institute (ÚZPLN) in connection with implementing the ECCAIRS unified European database system.
  • Quality management in aviation – the section takes part in implementing quality management systems required by the ICAO and EASA legislation at airports. We can provide our experience in creating and implementing similar systems.
  • Marketing surveys – the section offers processing of marketing surveys in the field of Commercial Air Transport.
  • Legislation – the section deals with the national and international EASA and ICAO legislation. We can also help to implement new directives in companies concerned with the aviation training and Commercial Air Transport.
  • Pedagogical activities – besides teaching the students of the Institute of Aerospace Engineering, the Air Transport Section also participates in preparation of specialized technical courses and lectures. Its employees also worked on ATPL textbooks acknowledged by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The section has a lot of experience acquired from a wide range of projects and works closely with field experts. Our employees are regularly involved in research and development projects with international partners from leading European institutions.