Aircraft Design

The Aircraft design study specialization focuses on the training of new designers, research and development workers in the field of construction and aircraft production technology (including spacecraft, because aircraft are also terminologically meaning spacecraft), airplane units and different equipment and aviation systems.

Acquired knowledge and skills

A graduate in the Aircraft design specialization acquires knowledge of aerodynamics and flight mechanics, aircraft structure strength theory, construction and aircraft design. They get acquainted with the construction materials, their processing and effective use of weight when designing aircraft structure load-bearing parts. The students will also learn the principles of designing aircraft with respect to production and operation technologies. They will get acquainted with the basics of reliability and expected life of the aircraft structures.

Admission requirements

The admission requirement is: – a student must complete Bachelor’s degree study programme of Mechanical Engineering at FME or a branch at a different faculty with a similar subjects – pass an entrance examination, unless waived by the dean – good results in the Bachelor’s degree study programme, especially in Mathematics and Physics – good knowledge of fluid mechanics, elasticity and strength, and dynamics – strong motivation to study.

A career

A graduate in the Aircraft Design study specialization can work both in state and private aerospace industry organizations dealing with design, construction development and research as well as any other organizations dealing with design and production of weight-saving and reliable machines and systems with high durability. With the knowledge acquired they can also engage in any engineering activity focusing on flow.

Further study

A graduate in this study specialization can continue in the doctoral study programme with the focus on aircraft design as part of a wider scientific branch „Construction and process engineering”.

Study exchange programmes, cooperation abroad

The Socrates/Erasmus European exchange programme allows students to study abroad for one semester or one academic year. Students of Aircraft Design specialization mainly go to Braunschweig, Linköping, Toulouse, Barcelona and Istanbul.



doc. Ing. Jaroslav Juračka, Ph.D., phone: +420 541 142 234

Pedagogical advisor

doc. Ing. Ivo Jebáček, Ph.D., e-mail:

Ing. Robert Popela, Ph.D., e-mail: