Contact person

Ing. Robert Popela, Ph.D.
+420 541 143 470
Office: C3a/3.01
Technická 2896/2, 616 69 Brno


  • Conceptual design of aircraft and parts thereof – aerodynamic aircraft design; “general aviation” category, which includes wing design and appropriate wing profile, lift mechanization design, propeller design and application for a particular engine, propulsion system cooling, cockpit ventilation. Parametric modeling in advanced CAD systems.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – major applications include external and internal aerodynamics, for example:
    • calculation of aerodynamic profile characteristics
    • aerostatic data for strength-related calculations
    • optimization of the whole structures or their parts to minimize given functions
    • propeller noise minimization and noise reduction of other parts
    • determination of stability derivations
  • In development projects we have had so far, we could apply not only standard procedures but also advanced physical models, e.g.:
    • moving mesh, moving reference frame
    • multi-phase (particle tracking, cavitation, free surface, etc.)
    • Free Form Deformation
    • direct link to optimization scripts
  • Flight mechanics
    • analysis of flight performances and wing properties
    • flight mission simulation
    • dynamic aircraft movement simulation
    • interplanetary probe landing maneuver dynamic simulation
  • In-flight testing – for an aircraft certification process. Additional tests include CFD validation, aircraft noise emission, etc. The aerodynamic team carries out landing maneuvers tests of interstellar probes in atmospheric conditions – helicopter drop tests, etc. The in-flight testing is conducted in cooperation with Aircraft testing laboratory team.
  • Aerodynamic tunnel measurements
    • radiator and their assembly testing for automobile and aviation applications
    • experiment design and implementation for CFD validation
    • calibration and measurement section design for specific conditions
    • design of specialized modules for research in wing surface insect contamination, ice accretion, etc.
  • Research in advanced methods for flow manipulation – involves mostly various concepts of Active Flow Control
  • Optimization – shape optimization of the whole structures and individual parts using advanced methods:
    • Design of Experiment
    • surrogate modelling (RSM, Kriging, RBF, integration into research group Garteur AG52)
    • evolution algorithms
    • PDE constrained optimization – ad joint
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – development of our own aircraft types, accomplishing their autonomous flight. Perpendicular and oblique photography, on-line video – tele presentation. Processing of the acquired data into ortho-photo images, 3D models and other cartographic products.