Aircraft structures

Contact person

doc. Ing. Jaroslav Juračka, Ph.D.
+420 541 142 234
Office: A1/0444
Technická 2896/2, 616 69 Brno, The Czech Republic

Our team’s activities are based on long experience of our employees in the development of aircraft structures and strength analysis of aircraft or parts thereof that we carry out in the below areas:

  • Airframe development of small airplanes made of steel and composite materials. It involves structure designs, strength analysis, production technology proposal, manufacturing of a prototype.
  • Strength analysis of the aircraft parts for aircraft certification in accordance with CS-22, CS-23 regulations
    • Static analysis (taking into consideration the geometric and material nonlinearity)
    • Fatigue crack spreading simulation and lifetime evaluation
    • Dynamic analysis: passive seat safety simulation
  • Research, development and contracted work
    • Simulating the delamination spreading at the joint of two composite materials
    • Calculating the load capacity of sandwich constructions
    • Simulating loss of stability of reinforced panels and not reinforced cylinders made of steel and composite materials
    • Simulation the passive safety of glider cockpits
    • Developing our own software tools for designing airplanes in the area of load calculations of aircraft parts, maximum load capacity of aircraft structures and optimization
    • Designing and evaluating experiments in the field of structure strength for the IAE testing room

Our team has a wide range of experience of development of several aircraft, such as Ae 270, L 410NG, VUT 100, EV55, JA 600, etc. Our employees also collaborate with foreign partners from leading European institutions (Airbus IW, DLR, element, KhAI, …) on research and development projects.